My Longest Post Ever (to date)…Going Back To Work…
20 Hours A Week is a part-time job. The question for me now is this: Do I want to work for $10 an hour for someone else or finally try and make some money from my music and other creative pursuits? So here’s the experiment: How to turn 20 hours a week working at music into $200;
Ingredients At Hand: 100+ songs in finger style, blues, jazz and fusion, and a psycho-babble OCD complex that has new melodies running in my head 24/7; All the instruments and recording gear any nerd-baby needs to produce good stuff; Enough $$$ on hand to get a running start.
Missing Ingredients: Courage and Recording:
Courage: performing scares the hell out of me…I’ve never gotten over “the hump” to where I can play even 70% as well in front of people as I can play sitting on the couch.
Recording: Same deal. I HATE the recording process and again, play about 70% as well once the record button is pressed. So those are the opportunities and challenges…here I go…